We have spent the last 20 years working with a broad range of clients, improving their data infrastructures with an approach that is tailored to their own unique set of circumstances and requirements.

We’ve learned what matters to companies in different sectors, and developed a comprehensive range of services that allow for better business through faster, more reliable communication.

Below are examples of the sectors we have experience working with. Our experts are equipped with the skills needed to provide data network solutions for any client, so if you don’t see your sector listed, contact us to find out how we could help your organisation.


Modern schools, colleges and universities rely on fast internet service and reliable networks. Our experience in providing tailored communication network installations for educational institutions means we are well placed to assess your current infrastructure before designing, supplying and installing an improved solution that meets your requirements.


Retail companies are expected to offer customers exceptional service, tapping into the modern possibilities of digital communication to allow for functions such as online ordering, stock checks and in-store Wi-Fi. With a collaborative approach that takes into account your specific requirements, we can provide a data network that promises a better in-store experience for both customers and employees.


Great commercial businesses strive to keep customers happy with faultless communication and quick, dependable support. In the digital world, this means having a data network that can handle a large number of users and won’t be phased by extensive use. By carefully taking into account your businesses unique data requirements, we can design, supply and install you a network your customers and staff can rely on.

Data Centres

By their very definition, data centres store, process and distribute huge amounts of data. A defective data centre can spell disaster for the productivity of an entire company, so it’s essential that yours can handle the ever-increasing challenges of the modern working environment without fault. With a track record for delivering first class data centre networks for a variety of clients, Spectrum Electrical Group is here to help.


Analogue factory lines are no longer the sole domains of industrial work. The modern industrial world is a complex set-up of intricate digital data and multi-mode communication systems, which means the need for reliable and fast networks is greater than ever. Spectrum Electrical Group can deliver you this, with a range of data networking services to help you take the lead in your industry.